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(Begining Fri 8th May 2020)

  • Fri 8th May - Information for Leaving Cert Students following Minister's announcement - PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • Fri 8th May - Press Release: "Minister announces postponement of 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations" - PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • Fri 8th May - Guide to Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate Students 2020 PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • Fri 8th May - Visual aid to Calculated Grades PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • Thurs 7th May - Leaving Cert Wellbeing PLEASE CLICK HERE2


Ensuring Objectivity and Fairness

Reference: 'Guide to Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate students 2020'. Page 11-12,

At the core of both the school-based and national standardisation phases of the system of calculated grades is a commitment to objectivity and fairness. To ensure this, the school-based process must not be compromised.
Therefore, the principal, deputy principal(s), teachers or other members of the school staff must not under any circumstances discuss with any student or with the parents or guardians of any student the estimated marks that the school is submitting. There are two reasons for this:

  • The mark assigned by the school is not necessarily the final mark that the student will receive and it would therefore be misleading for the student to receive that mark before the calculated grade processes are complete.
  • Allowing access to and discussion of estimated grades before the calculated grades process is complete would interfere with the process being carried out properly and fairly. If teachers discussed the marks with some students but not others, of if some teachers did this and others did not, these discussions might actually influence (consciously or unconsciously) or be represented or construed as influencing the mark the teacher submits to the subject alignment group.
  • After the results are issued, students will be able to see the final mark that led to their grade.
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