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Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

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You are very welcome to our website. I am Ms Geraldine Diver, the Principal of the Abbey Vocational School and am very proud to introduce our school. I am in the fortunate position of leading an extremely talented team of staff of highly qualified, enthusiastic and energetic teachers. Our students are exceptional and we are very proud of each and every one of them. I invite you to browse our website where you will get a small taste of the outstanding all-round education we offer.

Our Ethos

We are an ETB School. ETB schools are State, Co-educational, and Multidenominational schools underpinned by the core values of: Excellence in Education, Care, Equality, Community and Respect.

Our Mission

“Abbey Vocational School is dedicated to the holistic development of students in a caring environment where tolerance and respect are nurtured and valued” Our educational aims combine academic excellence with a varied extra-curricular programme. We encourage students to do their best in whatever they do, both in and out of the classroom. Our dedicated teaching staff demonstrates remarkable care of our students. Their commitment ensures that all our students achieve to the best of their ability.

Our Students:

Here in the Abbey Vocational school, we are proud of our wonderful students and the happy, confident, enquiring young adults they become! They become students who are determined to reach their potential and to excel in whatever they do and are destined to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our Positive School Culture:

The Abbey Vocational School is a safe, caring and inclusive environment where students are valued and encouraged in all of their pursuits. We accept, understand and attend to student differences and diversity which can include the physical, cognitive, academic, social, and emotional. The driving principle is to make all students feel welcomed, appropriately challenged, and supported in their efforts.

Good Relationships

We believe that good relationships need to be at the heart of everything in school if effective teaching and learning are to take place. We are a restorative school.

We enjoy a friendly and positive atmosphere in the school as well as mutually beneficial relations with all our partners and neighbours in the community.

Our success is firmly rooted in the excellent relationship, which exists between students, and teachers and we are especially proud of the atmosphere of trust, support and mutual respect which is evident.

Our Board Curriculum and Programmes on offer:

We are proud of the very broad Programmes and the Curriculum available in our school as well as our excellent academic results and our exceptional array of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We believe in the education of the whole child

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum so that all our students have the opportunity to succeed at the highest level of their own individual talents, aptitudes and abilities. We have recently added Leaving Certificate Physical Education and Leaving Cert Science to our array of subjects.

We have high expectations of our students and they achieve high levels of success in the State Examinations .

Our Partnership with Parents and Students.

We strongly encourage students and parents to become involved in the social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and sporting life of the school. We actively work with our valued Parents Association and Students Council in this regard.

We place a high value on our co-operation with parents as it is only in partnership with them that we may together ensure our students will realise their full potential in all aspects of their live

Our Sense of Commitment to the Individual:

We believe that our students are successful because they are part of a school where every individual is valued and supported and is offered every opportunity to succeed. This makes our school a happy place to learn. Our students thrive knowing that they are supported in every aspect of their life by a dedicated staff that encourages them to fulfil their potential

We regard the opportunity to educate our students as an absolute privilege! Thank you

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