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3rd Year 2023/2024: Reflecting on Learning: Study & Revision Skills survey (Tutor Class 10th April 2024) - HERE

PE EXPO Balance and Fine Motor Skills Survey - HERE




Young Social Innovators Survey - The Bees' Needs - HERE


3rd Year 2023/2024: Reflecting on Learning: Study & Revision Skills survey (Tutor Class 28th Nov 23) - HERE

SELFIE Student Survey on Digital Technology use in Teaching & Learning (May 2023) 👩‍💻 🖱 HERE


The Green Agenda Survey - Please click HERE

Student Learning Experience - check-in survey - January 2023 - Please click HERE

Learner Experiences Survey - May 2022 - Please click HERE

3rd Years - Senior Cycle Course Selection Form - HERE (3rd Feb 2022)

Student Literacy Survey (24th Jan 2022)

  • Reading - HERE
  • Writing - HERE
  • Oral Communication Skills - HERE

5th Year (20th Jan 2022) - 5th Year Academic Monitoring. Link HERE

Design Survey: Donegal Town Diamond & Pier areas.

A design & masterplan proposals for the Diamond and Pier areas are currently being prepared on behalf of Donegal County Council.

The architects are seeking to ensure that proposals satisfy the current and future needs for the Town and from that point of view, they would love to hear the voice of the Abbey VS students.

  • To access the survey, please click HERE.

Impact of Covid Survey

We are gathering information in relation to the impact of Covid 19 on our student population. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Access to parents survey HERE

Access to students survey HERE

BT Young Scientist Project Student Survey

For Sixth Year

For Transition Year

For Third Year

For Fifth Year year

Young Social Innovators 2022

Complete The Greenest Link Survey HERE

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