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Teaching & Learning Strategies

Teaching & Learning Strategies

Academic Overview

Teaching & Learning Strategies

There are range of strategies your teacher may use to help develop your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Core strategies include use of 'Learning Intentions', 'Success Criteria', 'Effective Questioning' and use of 'Formative Feedback / Assessment'. An important approach for 2021-2022 is a focus on giving you time to reflect on your learning and on feedback from your teacher.

Other active learning / instructional leadership strategies that many of your will already be familiar with include: 'Think-Pair-Share', 'K-W-L', 'Group-Work', 'Placemat', 'Mind-Mapping', 'Peer Assessment', 'Peer Feedback' and 'Ranking Ladders'. See here for further information.

Over the past year, classroom social distancing has meant that we have had to use active learning strategies in virtual learning environment. Your teachers use a range of technologies and apps, including Google Classroom. Examples include:


Resources for Students

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