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Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Our online lessons are going very well at present with the usual teething difficulties. Thank you for all of your support in relation to this. In order that this proceeds well, it is vital that your son/ daughter follows the following instructions in relation to Online Etiquette. Failure to do so means that this is deemed as serious misbehaviour and warrants a serious sanction up to and including removal from the online class as well as suspension from school on our return.


  • Under no circumstances are the codes of the classroom to be given to another student.
  • There is to be no behavioural disruption to online lessons and any occurrence of this will be dealt with immediately. This will be deemed as serious misbehaviour and will be dealt with as per our Code of Behaviour
  • Students should use appropriate backgrounds at all times.


Our school utilises teleconferencing during periods of school closure. Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. There are many benefits to teaching and learning in this way, and students and teachers have the tools and expertise to use teleconferencing to sustain learning.

Our school provides a teleconferencing option for our students and staff. It is expected that students and staff will use the platform in a professional and ethical manner for the purpose of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The use of teleconferencing requires students and teachers to observe the following rules in order to ensure that both staff and students benefit from this way of teaching and learning.

Students and Staff should never through their use of teleconferencing or through the profile or profile picture they use:

  • misrepresent themselves
  • post, stream or transmit any content, including live video, that violates this Policy in such a way that is offensive to students / staff.
  • do anything illegal, facilitate any illegal activity, or promote violence.
  • do anything that threatens, exploits or otherwise harms children or fellow students.
  • engage in any activity that is harmful, obscene, or indecent. This includes offensive gestures, displays of nudity, violence, pornography, sexually explicit material, or criminal activity.
  • engage in any activity that is fraudulent, false, or misleading.
  • engage in any activity that is defamatory, harassing, threatening or abusive.
  • store or transmit any data or material that is fraudulent, unlawful, harassing, libelous, threatening, obscene, indecent or otherwise inappropriate.
  • send unauthorized messages or irrelevant material.
  • misrepresent a user’s identity or affiliation with any entity or organization or impersonate any other person.
  • harvest, collect or gather user data without consent.
  • violate or infringe any intellectual property or proprietary rights of others, including copyrights.
  • violate the privacy of others or distribute confidential or personal information of others.
  • engage in any activity that is harmful or disruptive to the operation of on-line classes. This includes transmitting viruses, malware or other malicious or destructive code or using tools that mask IP address location or to otherwise circumventing restrictions on use due to regulations or account closures.

Under no circumstances are the codes of the classroom to be given to another student outside of the class.

If school authorities are made aware of any abuse or infringement on these rules, the school will investigate the issue and take immediate, appropriate action where warranted in line with the school’s Code of Behaviour.

  • The school Acceptable Use Policy is available to download HERE
Tips to Students for Safe Online learningelearning-wikicommons.jpg
  • Notify your parents that you are joining a virtual classroom before sessions begin
  • End / Leave the meeting when your teacher says to do so
  • Do not share the lesson link with anyone else
  • When using the video feature consider your surroundings
  • Turn on and off your audio when requested by your teacher.
  • Remember staff expectations on behaviour and participation in a virtual classroom remain exactly the same as a physical lesson.
  • Join the lesson on time
  • Immediately turn off microphone when entering a meeting
  • Send questions using the chat feature
  • Follow all expectations and guidelines set by your teacher
  • Be courteous and respectful of other students
  • Wait your turn to be invited to speak
  • Respect others privacy
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